Hendricks County Communications Center
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Public Agency Information

The Hendricks County Communications Center Operational Notification System enables dispatch to provide operational notifications to staff and public safety officials.  This system requires an invite to enroll.  Once enrolled you may login using the link below to maintain your information.

Operational Notification System

All inquiries or suggestions for content should be directed to the center administration.  Most agency requests and concerns can be addressed by completing a form that is available on the forms page.

Public Agency Forms

Technical support for Mobile Data Terminals utlized to allow computer aided dispatch connectivity is the agencies responsibility.  However, the center supports agencies by providing guidence and support to those individuals.  The support page provides current distributions of software necesary to operate within the network along with CAD command references and other resources.  This area is protected and most downloads also require additional passwords to install programs.

Public Agency Technical Support

Note: A password is required for access to the support area.  Please contact communications center administration for instructions.


This area of our site is intended to distribute information and provide support to the agencies we serve.  All access is monitored and unauthorized access will be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Radio Training

Handheld Video