Hendricks County Communications Center
Every Second, Every Day, We Are Here For You

Philosophy – Values – Expectations

The most important aspect of 911 Telecommunications is accuracy. We must get the location of the emergency correct. Sending response personnel to the wrong location can be a large liability and prevents the victim from receiving assistance when needed. Just as important is properly assigning a code to the incident so that response personnel can be assigned and notified quickly. ACCURACY is the single most important expectation placed on the Communications Officers.

Never sacrificing accuracy, Communications Officers need to be aware of the speed in which they can gather the proper information and send it to the responding personnel. SPEED can be improved by answering the call in 2 or less rings. Speed can be improved by the correct greeting stated very clearly. Speed can be gained by attentive listening, improved typing and better understanding of the questions to ask during each emergency call. From the time the call rings at the Center until the time that a response unit is dispatched is the most critical time of emergency response. Our ability to deliver accurate location and nature information in the shortest amount of time must be our focus.

The most difficult thing that we must ensure that is preserved is CUSTOMER SERVICE. By following “the 3 C’s” – Courtesy, Compassion, and Care, we can still deliver accurate, quick response with excellent customer service. Every Communications Officer is told to maintain control of a call. While this is true, we cannot forget that these people are in a traumatic situation and need a calm, reassuring voice to help them through the process. Calm, reassuring and in-control will in most cases help the caller to remain calm and provide better information.

Our customers span a very wide range, from citizen calls for basic services, citizen calls for emergencies, administrative calls, radio contact with field units and daily interaction with other government officials within the building. All of these people are important to us and our profession, each should be met with the same courtesy and respect as the next. Although you may be having a bad day or you may be extremely busy, keep in mind that the customers are our judge of the PERFORMANCE.

A communications center is by nature a noisy ENVIRONMENT. With several call takers on the phone and dispatchers talking on the radio, there is inherently a high noise level that comes with the profession. We must work to reduce the noise volume within the Center by improving our communication methods and arrangement of the center to best facilitate the passing of information. The Administration is working to improve call-taking procedures so that the dispatcher and the field units have information in a timely manner, as well as looking into space and equipment enhancements. Communications Officers, from the rookies to the Squad Supervisors, need to work to maintain a calm, reduced noise workplace even during the worst of situations.

Each shift consists of a squad that works together for 12 hours a day over an extended period of time. Squads are to be designed to provide comparable experience to each. Although the squads develop their own personalities, every employee must remain focused on the fact that all of the squads and administration make up the TEAM that is Emergency Communications. It is good for squads to develop relationships within, but they must ensure that the overall TEAM effort is the priority. Squad Supervisors are given freedom to operate their shifts and make critical decisions, but they must do so within the guidelines set by the administration in order to provide consistent, quality service for every call. Being a member of a team also requires that you be at your best.

To be a PROFESSIONAL, you must realize that you need proper rest and stress relief from this position. Exercise, diet, sleep and social activities make for a healthier, well rounded lifestyle and help to reduce issues that lead to physical and emotional problems. In order to best serve the team, you must first make sure that you are at your peak performance by living life outside of the Center as well. We also need to take care of each other. Telecommunications is stressful enough without fellow employees causing issues among themselves. The Center is made up of diverse personalities and therefore we must respect each other in order to best work together. Gossip is damaging to the team concept, especially when rumors are allowed to be passed outside of the Center.

LEADERSHIP begins with the Administration. It does not end there though. Every employee is not only encouraged, but expected, to demonstrate leadership through their involvement with the Center. Whether you are in a supervisory position, training, assist with equipment, specialized in a discipline or involved in the public outreach, you are to conduct yourself as a professional, so that others will view the Center as a whole as an elite organization. In each of your dealings with a customer, consider what they would tell others about the experience. Through the standards set by CALEA we are continually, assessing our methods and procedures to ensure that we are providing the highest level of service possible on each and every contact.

In order to maintain a stable work environment, we must have DISCIPLINE. Discipline is a two way system, one that provides action to correct specific issues while the other rewards those for exceptional performance. Discipline should be administered in a similar fashion regardless of the shift or circumstances. The Administration, including the Supervisors, must maintain a consistent delivery of discipline, from corrections to rewards, as well as the manner in which the correction or reward is presented.

We are employed by Town of Plainfield/Hendricks County to provide communications services to the public and the field units. We must demand of ourselves the highest PRODUCTIVITY level possible each and every day. Employees that do not report for duty when scheduled are not productive and actually create issues for the rest of the team. Employees should make every effort to schedule time off to reduce unscheduled time off. If we are not productive, we have not fulfilled our purpose for employment. It is very possible to be productive and still enjoy our jobs, and once we are able to be productive and have FUN at the same time, we will have reached our goal of being an elite Communications Center.

We have shown the ability to handle large scale emergencies on a regular basis; we have been awarded national certifications for our ability to perform within recognized standards.

Each of our customers will form an opinion of the entire Center based on an individual PERFORMANCE. CUSTOMER SERVICE is measured by the attitude and professionalism of the Communications Officer, along with the ACCURACY and SPEED of the response. Through LEADERSHIP providing proper DISCIPLINE, the entire TEAM concept will develop and provide for a workplace ENVIRONMENT that enhances PRODUCTIVITY while allowing employees to have FUN and take pride in their work. This is how a job is changed into a profession, and PROFESSIONALS in Telecommunications are considered the elite of the industry.

As we live and breathe these values, we will take ourselves to the next level and be an example for our peers to model.

We are the Hendricks County Communications Center

“Every Second, Every Day, We Are Here For You!”